Games that RS Gold is used

Runescape online game SIn 4th January 2009, Jagex, launched a game that would soon enter the world’s consciousness. Starting as a browser game, Runescape would soon enter into the Guinness World record as being one best updated Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games (MMORPG’s)! Did you know that this online game boasts over 200 million active accounts with millions of people actually earning a living from it? Well, in this article, I’m going to take you through the Runescape Gold rules and how it operates- busting away associated myths along the way. You will get to know whether or not the RS gold can be traded for other online currency or whether it can be sold for real money. You will get to learn whether or not it is legal and the motivation behind it.

If you are not aware of the Runescape online game, it is a multiplayer online role-playing game in the world of fantasy. Players in this online game interact with other players and some automated non-player characters. Everything in this game is entirely optional. As a player, you are left with the privilege of deciding what to do. These options include fighting monsters, playing a mini-game, partaking a quest, socializing with other player and a lot more options. Runescape gold is important to enable a player to progress in the games’ different stages. Gold can be collected by either drinking wine at some bar, killing guards or hunting Kebbits in Traverly among others. This Runescape gold is just game money, not real but more of a virtual kind, but there have been many controversies associated with it.

Fact from fiction -about RS Gold

Trading within Runescape gold is possible. It is commonly referred to as ‘real-world trading’ or sometimes ‘real-world item trading’. It is the trading of items and services of Runescape. Gold can be transferred to other players’ accounts. Even though this practice is prohibited, it is a common phenomenon. Many people are earning real money from it. In fact, there are many online sites that are ready to buy your Runescape gold for real money- it makes you wonder how a virtual currency has real value aside from popularity alone. These same sites (in turn) can sell the Runescape gold to other players for an agreed price. Now based on the rules guiding the game itself, this act is not accepted. It is strictly prohibited and players involved in such practices risk being banned. They are also breaking rule #12 governing the game. According to Jagex, (the game founder), everything within Runescape is and remains their property.

Bad intentions or lazy players who want it all?

Concerning this seemingly harmless trade, which is illegal, many players involved argue that it is their decision to do what they would like to do. And that in any case, playing the game is time invested, and thus there is nothing wrong in making a living out of it. Jagex though is still adamant that it is illegal to the condone these practices of the game. The argument by Jagex is that involving real money into the game (as many players advocate), will change the behavior and intent of many players. It will also compromise the lives of players who would like to remain in the game but are unable to foot the real world money needed- (phfff yeaaa right, how about investing time into a free game) Also according to Jagex, this would negatively impact the relationship between the company and its players. Thus the previous intentions of the game should remain as they were.