The history of RS Gold (Runescape Gold)

The beauty of gaming SIn a dynamic world that is more digital than analogue, gaming is as big as ever. More games keep popping up and the old ones are easily forgotten, but not RuneScape. This iconic game not only gets more players daily, but also keeps adding amazing graphics and updates to enhance the players gaming experience and keep them hooked. Perhaps the most interesting part of the game is the in game currency, the RS gold used to make purchases for various items in the game.

RuneScape is an online fantasy game that was first released in 2001 by Jagex and has steadily developed to be one of the best despite not being compatible on mobile devices. In 2008 Guinness world records acknowledged it as the biggest MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game) in the world. Players practically run themselves and decide what to do and when to do it.

For one- to enhance their skills and advance in the game, there are in game purchases that require RS gold. RuneScape gold is used to buy items such as weapons, armor, memberships at a low rate and increasing one’s skills. The beauty of gaming is being able to advance in levels, making RS gold a crucial aspect of the game.

This in-game currency can be earned for free but this usually takes up a lot of time that most gamers are not willing to spare. Farming RS gold requires players to keep undertaking certain tasks in order to get the currency. To get a reasonable amount of the currency, players would have to farm gold all day long and play the game at night. Most players lack the time to farm gold all day long, but still want to advance in the game. This has led to an increase in the online trading of RS gold.

As the game gained popularity, players began selling the gold for money in the real world, which was one of the major prohibitions in the game. This ultimately led to the ban of players that were caught. RS gold is part of the game’s property, not the player’s and as such, the player is only allowed to sell the gold online. Players buying or selling RS gold need to be careful since there has been an increase in scammers. Most common way of being scammed is by having the buyer report that they never received the gold.

There is always an uncertain level of risk with selling RS Gold, and even more risk to buy suspicious RS Gold from someone you might not know. This puts both sides is a sort of ‘no-man’s land’ in the virtual jungle of the internet. Then again- the ultimate adventure does rely of a heavy dose of risk that comes   from all directions. The same can be said for many forms of online gaming where virtual currency can become real money earned. Online games such as slot machines offer total confidential gaming and the highest security for online payments. Many fans of the MMORPG universe are huge fans of games of chance that offers more than just a virtual stimulation, these games are the ultimate rush of knowing the real deal is being played with slot games that pay real money. If you haven’t checked them out before, there is no better time to learn more now.

For players to avoid being scammed, they should ensure they trade with reputable dealers and double check their transactions. They should also ensure they are not breaking any laws, to avoid having their accounts suspended. RS gold has steadily advanced from being just an ordinary part in the game, to being the most sought after game currency. Players recognized that this gold is the key to greater levels in the game and began trading it, with some risking their accounts by trading it in actual life. By legally trading RS gold, players have the chance to protect their accounts and also keep enjoying the game.